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This is a course meal listed on the cover of the menu.

The price per person is 5,000 yen including tax, and you need to order for the number of people you have.


ー GOCHISOYA TESTING MENU ー   :岩手県軽米町 みろく農園 山芋そうめん: Chinese taro noodle with quail egg yolk   :にんじんドレッシングサラダ:  Salad with carrot dressing   :刺身盛り合わせ: Assorted sashimi dish :南九州市 知覧 さつま知覧どり: Charcoaled chicken thigh with yuzu pepper      :季節の炭焼き野菜: Charcoaled seasonal vegetable  


Roast Kuroge wagyu beef  


Today’s dish we recommend from a la carte  


Boiled rice with sea bream soaked in Japanese soup stock and sesame paste on top  


 Iced chocolate mousse terrine with cracker
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